Our Stories and Blessings
NECF Serving people since 1969
A special lady came in today for the first time. She said she has never had to ask for help from anyone. She had gone to spend 2 days with her sister and when she came home she found that her husband had taken all of the furniture - even some of her clothes. She found out he hadn't paid the rent, the utility bill was 2 months past due and on the table was the shut off notice from the water company. You could tell she was devestated. We helped with a furniture referral. We were also able to help her with food, helped her pay a portion of utility blll and helped her with her water bill. We also gave her a paper - Express Temp so she may possibly get a job. You could just see her becoming much more confident and relaxed knowing there was hope in her life. I am so glad she came to us and I am glad we were able to help her. Praise the Lord for His goodness.
We gave out so many sheets, blankets, large plates, silverware, glasses, tupperware, and pots and pans today. Our shelves arfe pretty bare. If you are planning to have a yard sale or if you have some of these items you would like to donate we would appreciate it very much. Your gift will become a blessing to another family. GOD Bless
Daniel and his wife have 4 young children. They had to move into a new house. Most of their furniture had to be thrown away. We were able to give them a referral for the furniture they needed and then as we started going through some items that people had donated to us we were able to give them sheets, pillows, blankets, - 4 sleeping bags for the kids since we didn't have twin blankets - even socks, and shoes for each child. We also gave them a few toys for the kids and a few school supplies that the children needed right now to finish out the school year. Daniel was telling us some of the items that they needed and then we went in the back and found the items they asked for. It was amazing to see how this worked. It was great to see God meet each need for this family.
A special came in today praying we could give her a furniture voucher for a queen bed. She had a rommate who took her bed when she moved out and she has been sleeping on a couch. We gave her a referral and as we looked in the back for sheets, and blankets we were able to give her a TERRIFIC set of matching sheets, blankets, pillow cases, shams - for her bed, and even matching curtains. I am sure that God had that whole situation planned. It was great God's hand working.