Celebrating Hunger Action Month and Preparing for Farm to Fund 2021

posted September 10, 2020

Decatur, IL, September 10 –​ Today is national Hunger Action Day. Across the county, communities like ours are sharing stories of how they support their most vulnerable neighbors through food insecurity prevention programs. For over 50 years the Northeast Community Fund (NECF) has met these challenges head on and continues to evolve it’s practice to move Macon County forward.

The entire month of September is Hunger Action Month (HAM). You can join millions across the country by making the stand against hunger. NECF continues providing access to quality food for our neighbors and in the words of our founder, Jerry Pelz, “we can’t seem to work ourselves out of a job.” During these uncertain times, we are seeing an influx of families due to the global pandemic and need your support now more than ever. You may be asking how you can individually become part of this proven solution ​​ we are all in this together and everyone can make a difference; here are a few meaningful ways to take action today.

  • VOLUNTEER ​​a variety of shifts and duties can fit your schedule to help staff in the building.
  • DONATE ​​ financial contributions large or small can make a real impact.
  • ACTIVATE ​​ hold a food drive in your neighborhood, introducing new supporters to NECF.
  • SPEAK UP ​​ share efforts with your network and spread the word with #HungerActionMonth on social media.

This month would have also marked the third annual Farm to Fund event, a downtown chic fundraiser set on historic Merchant Street. While we were planning our largest community table to date for 2020, it may come at no surprise that the committee has decided to cancel the heavily anticipated event. This decision was not reached lightly as we know many were eager to get out of the house and join our growing NECF family. With respect for our most vulnerable neighbors, we’re holding our preparations until 2021. Many will miss the beloved downtown trolly shuttle, the street lights, the sundown sangria, and those remarkable homemade pies ​​ we know our community will join us with twice the enthusiasm in 2021. We can already taste it.

We could not have tackled such a feast, no pun intended, without the generous support of our sponsors and partners. Now more than ever we ask that you place additional consideration on their products/services in the coming months as many are small businesses that have been burdened by the pandemic closures. These businesses truly believe in our community and want it to thrive; we need to help them push through in this time.

Farm to Fund Sponsors/Partners:

  • Richland Community College, Busey Bank, Hickory Point Bank, Macon County Farm Bureau, Central Illinois Title Co., Marquis Beverage, DMH Foundation, Bendsen’s Signs and Graphics, Richland Community College Culinary Program, Decatur Public Schools, Lutheran School Association, Robbie’s Grille, The Gin Mill, Lincoln Lounge, Bushel and Peck Flowers, Decatur Celebration, City of Decatur, Decatur Area Arts Council, Decatur Blue, Goss Advertising, MJ Kellner, Moweaqua Packing, Kroger Store 946, Saint John’s Lutheran Church, Mound Road Christian Church, Air King, Millikin University Department of Theatre and Dance, The Garden Path, and Connie’s Greenhouse.

Northeast Community Fund (NECF) is a 501c3 located in Decatur, IL and has been serving the most vulnerable Macon County residents for the last 50 years. What began as a small food pantry has grown into a critical social impact organization. Every week NECF assists hundreds of families with basic needs such as food, clothing, household goods and funding for things like utility payments, obtaining IDs, baby formula and wipes, emergency lodging, and prescription medicines. NECF also offers two programs that are designed to help the working poor move towards financial independence. The first is a microfinance program that allows clients to eradicate their payday or title loans in an amount up to $1000. The second program is a 3-year commitment from families to work with a staff member and mentor to achieve short and long term goals to move towards self-sufficiency.

Northeast Community Fund Mission: To assist needy families in our community with the resources available in a caring and Christ-like manner.