Family Investment Program

We partner with families to get them off of public assistance and become self-sufficient.

For many of our families, our first interaction with them is during a moment of crisis or desperation, after finding themselves in need of assistance and support.

We have been blessed over fifty years serving the Decatur area to provide a hand up to over 100,000 families in Macon County.

We know some families are ready to move forward. So, we created the Family Investment Program to help families transition off public assistance and become financially self-sufficient.

The Family Investment Program is a 3-year commitment from our clients to work towards becoming financially self-sufficient. The program director intensively partners up to 15 families at a time, working on things such as budgeting, prioritizing, coping skills and self-advocacy.

We have been blessed to see our family Investment Program parents achieve the following:

  • Open up bank accounts
  • Pay off credit cards and payday loans
  • Attain bachelor’s degrees, professional certificates and nursing licenses
  • Transition from government housing to home ownership
  • Pay their first grocery bill without using government assistance
  • Become better, more proud and engaged parents

Do you know someone who is ready and committed and improving their life today?