Financial Support Services

For many families living paycheck-to-paycheck or in poverty, they are just one bill or emergency away from disaster.

During these times of trouble where community members don’t know where to go for a hand up, Northeast Community Fund is here to help.

At Northeast Community Fund, we’re here to meet the basic needs of families in our community in a caring and Christ-like manner. We also want to assist our community members to transition from poverty to self-sufficiency. Because of this, we provide financial assistance to overcome barriers to safety, employment and self-sufficiency.

We provide the following financial support to eligible individuals living in Macon County.

  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Prescription Payment Support
  • Emergency Lodging

Northeast Community Fund will also assist with payment of the following barriers to employment, health and self-sufficiency on a case-by-case basis:

  • Water Bills
  • State Issued ID's and Birth Certificates
  • GED Testing fees
  • Gas for out-of-town doctor appointments
  • Bus Cards and Tokens
  • Diapers and baby formula
  • Assistance with Work-Related Items

Do you know someone who might need assistance? Contact us or visit us when we’re open.