Food Pantry

1.5 in 10 people living in Macon County don’t know where their next meal is coming from.


Our community members are often one emergency or one bill away from coming into our doors for support. For many families living in Macon County who are food-insecure, parents are making trade-offs between basic needs such as housing, clothing or medical expenses and buying healthy food for their family.

Macon County has one of the 10 highest rates of food insecurity in Illinois. We have to work as a community to help our community. In order for people to move forward in life, basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing need to be met.


We are the most comprehensive food pantry in Macon County. Northeast Community Fund provides food baskets to over 2,000 veterans, seniors, young families with children and households each month who are struggling to make ends meet.

How do our monthly food baskets work?

Northeast Community Fund provides monthly food basics.

  • Each recipient must have a valid, current address in Macon County, Illinois.
  • A household can only receive a food basket once every 30 days.
  • Our patrons go through a line and select the food they would like to have.