Furniture & Household Needs

We are an organization created by community members to share blessings and items with community members in need.

At Northeast Community Fund, we are positioned to fill the gaps and ensure those living with struggles or in poverty have the tools needed to transition to self-sufficiency. We are the only organization in Macon County that gives household items to those in need, without any application, referral requirements or fees.

We assist families with the following household needs (as available):

  • kitchen items
  • bedding items
  • small appliances

Many families are in need of larger items such as dressers, beds, sofas, and kitchen appliances. In addition to our household items, we provide furniture vouchers to individuals which are filled by Central Illinois Christians in Mission. Twenty furniture vouchers are given on Wednesdays mornings starting at 9 am on a first-come, first serve basis.

Northeast Community Fund’s Household Item Distribution can only be accomplished with the donation of items by giving, caring community members. We are so blessed to have the support and receive donations we can then give to be used and appreciated by families in need.